Intrinsic Biomechanics Coaching

Intrinsic Biomechanics helps us to reduce sub-clinical muscle spasms and create better movement patterns in order to strengthen and stabilise…


Because why would you want to strengthen and stabilise your body in a biomechanically incorrect movement pattern?

Over the years as a personal trainer I have noticed that lots of my clients have mobility, movement and biomechanical issues, and that I myself had certain movement restrictions that I just couldn’t get to the bottom of.

I found that my skills as a Personal Trainer only got me so far…

Which wasn’t far enough in my own mind…

There was something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on…I felt there was something that I was missing.

So, after much research I came across Intrinsic Biomechanics.

I have since completed the Diploma in Intrinsic Biomechanics in 2017…and haven’t looked back!

Now I can help my clients move better from the inside out!

I offer a Full Body Biomechanics Screen to give a full analysis of how your body moves and what maybe causing you to sit/ride/walk wonky, and cause the extrinsic biomechanical issues.

I seek to improve your movement through a series of Muscle Energy Techniques exercises to help reduce any sub-clinical muscle spasms and nerve mobility issues.

Once your pelvis and spine are moving better and we have addressed any sub-clinical muscle spasms, we will then move onto the stabilisation phase.

Here we focus on strengthening and conditioning the areas that held any spams and potential weakness’s in order to halt any further allignment issues and improve movement patterns.


When you’re riding you may notice some or all of the points below…


Do you feel like you are perhaps one sided?
Maybe you sit to one side both riding or sitting on a chair?
Maybe you feel like you are stronger one side of your body to the other?
That one leg feels longer in the stirrup than the other?
Or just wish you could move better!
Improving your intrinsic biomechanics can have a massive impact on your riding.
Horses are sensitive to our every move, so creating a supple and strong body can make a huge diffence to your riding.


Are you ready to TRANSFORM your riding!?


From £60 for your first assessment!


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