About RideFit Academy

If you’re a horse rider who…Hi Viz

Already competes, either in affiliated or un-affiliated competitions, but would like to improve your mark and competitive edge…


Suffers from back pain or other riding related injuries…

Then improving your strength, fitness and mobility is crucial to helping you achieve your riding dreams.
And we are dedicated to helping you with just that.


But getting fit can mean so many different things to different people. You are a horse rider so you need to get fit for horse riding, but what does that mean?

I’ll show you how it’s not only possible, but essential, to exercise specifically for your sport.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be just for the professional riders!

As a fellow horse rider, I know it isn’t always easy…


My background is in both fitness and horse riding. I have worked as a self-employed freelance groom for many years, as well as having a keen interest in fitness, working as a fitness instructor and later qualifying as a Personal Trainer, and more recently as an Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach.

So being both a fitness professional and a horse rider, I know the difficulties that many of us face with injuries, and time schedules.

Horses are physically demanding and time-consuming, and one thing I noticed whilst working as a Groom was that fitting in fitness training was way down on the list of riders’ priorities.


But I can show you how to improve your fitness and your riding without it taking up all of your time!

12108123_10155952964735538_8864092765257818200_nAllow me to introduce myself…


I’m Tiffany Millband, Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach, Personal Trainer, Horse rider and founder of RideFit Academy.

You may compete professionally, you may be an amateur or you may just be a happy hacker, either way I can show you how to improve your riding through simple and effective exercises.

5 reasons to work with me…

  1. I am a keen horse rider myself, I have owned my own horse Charlie for 13 years, and we have hunted, team chased and competed in dressage and hunter trials.
  2. I’m a fully qualified fitness professional and Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach..
  3. I continually update my industry knowledge by attending courses and working alongside other fitness professionals.
  4. Both riding, fitness are something I am passionate about, and helping other riders get the best out of their horses by improving their riding through fitness.
  5. I worked as a Groom for many years, so I know the physical demand that looking after and riding horses has on the body.

IMG_0094Where my passion comes from…


Something I notice when I was working as a Groom, was that riders always look after their horses best interests first. The emphasis was always about schooling the horse and ensuring it was fit enough for the competitions.

But, what about the rider? Does it matter if the rider is fit or not?

Of course it does!

The fitter and stronger you are, the better you’re going to ride right?


I understand that time is short. Horses are hard work and demanding. But by training yourself as well as your horse, not only will your confidence improve but your over-all performance will improve too!

As horse riders our bodies can take a battering.

We often have muscular imbalances and sub-clinical muscle spasms, as do our horses, and this can affect our riding.

By addressing these imbalances and working specifically on exercises that strengthen the major muscle groups used for riding, you will find you can ride much more effectively.

I believe that by spending a small amount of time each week on your own strength, fitness and mobility you can REVOLUTIONISE your riding!

If you are ready to jump in the saddle and improve your riding sign up below!


Or email me at tiffany@ridefitacademy.com to book your free consultation.