Masters of compensation

Our bodies are masters of compensation…

It’s part of what makes them so brilliant! 

If something is out of whack, it compensates in order for us to keep on going.

You could actually think of it as a survival tactic if you like…

Just because you have pain in your shoulder, doesn’t necessarily mean that the cause of the problem is in the shoulder for example.

As a Biomechanics Coach I often see many issues stemming from the pelvis…if the pelvis is not functioning as well as it should then all sorts of problems can arise…

Although, that is not to say that asymmetry or pain/injury always stems from the pelvis.

But quite often, there is some form of dysfunction or sub clinical muscle spasm within our pelvis. Modern day lifestyles cause havoc with our bodies…we sit too much, don’t move around enough, or do lots of repetitive things like sports.

The body is an integrated system. Technically, our left hamstring is attached to our right shoulder, and vice versa on the other side. If it didn’t we’d likely fall apart (only kidding!). Although there is a small amount of truth in that…it does help hold us together and move.

So how does a muscle spasm in the pelvis effect another area of your body?

Well…a dysfunction or muscle spasm in the pelvis can cause a leg length difference from one leg to the other.

So if there is a difference in length between each leg, then you can imagine that the pelvis is likely to be wonky, with either a rotation forwards or backwards, or one side sitting lower than the other.

Escentially putting pressure through the spine and/or the knees, as you can see in the picture to the left.


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