Not Guilty

It seems that the festivities have gone by in the blink of an eye! 
So much build up…and now it’s nearly over.
But it has been truely lovely switching off from work, and social media to an extent, to just chill out, wind down and spend quality time with family.
I hope you have also had a lovely Christmas and spent time chillaxing with friends and family.
I must admit, I may have over-indulged a tad at times…but hey ho! Never mind…no guilt what so ever…it’s par for the course at Christmas 🙂
I haven’t been a total slob though…
Although I haven’t been at the gym, and my usual training has ground to a halt for the past 10 days or so, I have been staying active doing things like walking the dog…felling trees at my parents…catching up on the yukky jobs we never usually get around to like washing the trailer and caravan!
I have’t been riding though, as although we haven’t actually had any snow, we have had an awful lot of ice which has made it difficult exercising the horses.
Have you had much snow and ice? Or have you managed to avoid it?
It’s not the end of the world not being able to ride to be honest as I firmly believe that doing other forms of exercise can really improve your riding, and that we don’t necessarily have to ride everyday to be riding fit or to improve our riding.
Doing other forms of exercise can have a huge positive impact on your confidence, fitness and strength. 
With riding we are often repeatedly using the same muscles over and over…and other muscles aren’t being used enough.
Which can long term result in injuries and aches and pains.
And ultimately not being able to ride to the best of our ability.
By doing other types of exercise, we strengthen the other muscles that we aren’t always using when we’re riding, which can then offer support to the muscles and joints that can get overused and tired, or overused and injured.
As we get fitter and stronger…our confidence grows…
And with increase confidence our riding also improves.
So, something for you to think about over the remainder of the festive holidays…if the only form of exercise that you do for your riding, is riding itself…how can you include other types of exercise into your lifestyle that will improve your strength and fitness and compliment your riding?
If you need some help as your not confident in the gym, or know you need to go to the gym but not sure what to do once you’re there, check out the Work with Me page and see what programs we have that will help you reach your riding and fitness goals for 2018!
I am offering FREE 30 minute consultations this New Year at our private studio, so if you would like to come and check out our new venue and see how we can help you get fitter, stronger and moving better in 2018, drop me a message to book your consultation. 
Enjoy the rest of the holidays!
Tiff x 

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