Tired but Wired?!

Too many of us wear stress and busy lifestyle like a badge of honour.
But unfortunately it’s not something our bodies thank us for.
As equestrians, we are often super busy. Juggling many different things in one day…horses and riding, work, kids, house, dogs, husbands…
We are to a certain degree maybe slightly super human!
But we can’t get away with it for long before our body tells us it’s not happy about it.
The problem is, we keep on pushing through and tend to get used to not feeling quite on top form…
We get used to feeling tired…we compensate by drinking a bit more coffee and eating foods that gives a quick boost…unfortunately these foods tend not to be very high in nutrients. Thus we actually end up feeling even worse…drink more coffee…eat more crap…feel better…feel even worse…
Stuck in a vicious circle!
If you feel tired but wired…struggle to sleep, and/or get up in the morning…chances are your suffering from adrenal fatigue.
Your adrenal glands are a little triangle shaped gland that is part of your endocrine system, situated on top of your kidneys.
They are responsible for regulating the stress response.
The adrenal glands are important for many reasons. They support the immune system and are necessary for proper thyroid function, balancing your hormones, controlling cravings, maintaining your ideal weight, stabilising emotions just to name a few.
Unfortunately, because of the nature of our fast paced lifestyles, many of these symptoms can go unchecked, because we just get used to feeling less than brilliant.
Some common symptoms include:
– Dark circles under your eyes
– Dizziness
– Low bloos sugar
– Low blood pressure
– A craving for salt
– Light headedness on standing up
– Tired but wired feeling
– Poor sleep, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning
– Premature aging
– Cravings for sweets and carbs
– Lower back pain and/or knee weakness or pain
– Poor concentration and fuzzy thinking
If you feel you have any of the symptoms above you may want to consider the following tips…
– Get adequate sleep. 7-8 hours sleep is good. And preferably bed before midnight, as this is when your bodies do most of their healing.
– Schedule ‘me time’ as part of your daily routine and make it priority
– Practice stillness or meditiation. This could form part of your ‘me time’ as we all know how hard it is to do everything!
– Eliminate refined sugars and carbs. Or at least look at keeping them down to a minimum. They stress out your adrenals.
– Cut down the caffeine. Try some herbal teas or green tea instead if you like hot drinks. Although make sure you still drink plenty of water.
So if you want to feel on top form, and ride like a pro, make sure you look after yourself!
Tiff x

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