We all need a bit of inspiration

Well, what a difference a week can make!
Last week was scorching, this week we’re flooded out!
Any one else been having problems with thunderstorms and heavy rain?
I have to admit I’ve been in a pretty crappy ‘can’t be bothered’ kind of mood this week…I think it could be partly related to the weather…
One minute its hot and muggy and the next chucking it down! The atmosphere has felt very charged, making me feel a bit restless and irritated.
A few of my clients have also felt like this too. Have any of you experienced this too this week?
It can be hard to stay motivated when we’re feeling crappy. And quite often we then end up not riding or exercising, or doing the things we should have done.
Which I know for me, then makes me feel worse because I end up being pissed off with myself for not being productive! Vicious circle!!
So how can we stay motivated?
Even when we’re feeing grumpy and can’t be bothered?
There are things we can do to help us stay on track…
A good thing to do is to write down goals – Write them down and put them somewhere where you can see them every day! This helps to keep it fresh in your mind, especially if there is a deadline!
If exercise is something you struggle to motivate yourself to do, try working out with a friend or two. By organising to workout with a friend you can hold each other accountable, and you can have a chat whilst you’re exercising…although not too much – if you can hold a proper conversation you’re not working hard enough!
Go out for a hack with a friend, or organise to go out hacking else where and have fun!
Something that I find that motivates me, is watching other riders that I admire. Either on TV or at the events themselves. And it doesn’t always need to be professional riders, it can often just be a friend or someone that you know, and you admire their riding and horsemanship.
If you find going to events inspires and motivates you check out my Events Guide to see which events you would like to visit to get you back on track.
Tiff x



Photo courtesy of Emilie Chandler Eventing.

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