Have a little faith!

So, exciting times here at RideFit Academy!

You may have seen a month or so ago that I was writing and article for Horse magazine…?

Well it’s finally in print! And now out to buy in the July edition!

It’s so exciting to see something that I have written get printed in a national magazine!

Not so long ago I thought I could never write anything good enough to get it printed in such a big magazine, but it just goes to show that anything is possible!

It doesn’t really matter what your goal is…if you put your mind to it, have faith in yourself and work hard, making sure that what you do is goint to get you one step closer to achieving your goal, then you will get there!

You may have to get help along the way, and that’s fine…most of the time we can’t do it alone.

We all need help one way or another… I know I do! I certainly wouldn’t have had the courage to approach a national magazine if I hadn’t of had help!

So if you need some help with your health and fitness then give me a shout and click the sign up box at the bottom of this page to learn how you can Get Fitter and Ride Better!

Tiff x

P.s Have you bought your copy of July’s Horse magazine yet?!

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