Horse Rider Fitness and Biomechanics…

We all know our own fitness and mobility is important…But do you know how it can impact your riding?

Riders – Are you ready to REVOLUTIONISE your riding? I can help!


But first, does any of this sound like you?

  • Do you feel your fitness lets you down?
  • Are you puffing and panting more than your horse after a cross country round or lesson?
  • You suffer from lower back pain?
  • Feel tight through your hips?
  • Are you unstable in the saddle when your horse spooks?
  • Do you realise that your own fitness affects your riding and your horses way of going.
  • You hate gyms, or just don’t know what to do when you get there?
  • Or, lack the all-important core strength?

If so, RideFit Academy is what you need.

When you move freely and exercise correctly it can TRANSFORM your riding!


Here’s the big secret many riders don’t always know…

There are specific exercises that you can do to improve your riding and set you apart from everyone else!

And that’s my speciality!

I know what muscles horse riders use and the specific exercises needed to strengthen and stretch those muscles, because as well as being a Biomechanics Coach and Personal Trainer, I am also a horse rider too, so I speak from personal experience.

Have you ever felt that to improve your riding fitness, you just needed to ride more or go out for a run a few times a week?

Did you find you got injured? Or, that you went out for a run once and that was it, you lost interest and life got in the way?

I can show you how to make the most out of the small window of time you have, with specific exercises that will get you fit and strong, and remain injury free.

Regardless of whether you compete or not, being fit, strong and supple can improve not just your riding, but your confidence too, in so many ways!

So if you are ready to make a change jump on board now!


To book a free consultation email tiffany@ridefitacademy.com or drop a message in on the contact page.



What clients have to say about Tiff:

Horse Riding Personal Training

Emily Hedger

I started training with Tiff when it was becoming obvious that my fitness (or lack of!) was getting in the way of my riding goals.

I was moving up to PSG, but knew that I needed to address my fitness, strength and straightness, in order to improve my horses way of going and to be able to get the results I wanted.

Not only am I getting fitter, I am getting stronger and have developed a deeper and more effective seat. This is making the physical side of riding much easier, so I can spend more of my energy correcting and developing my horses.

My sessions with Tiff are varied, from circuits, weights, yoga…even boxing, keeping every session fresh and different, but all the time keeping my goals in mind.

I am seeing improvements in my riding and my horses way of going each week.

– Emily Hedger